AMBA Lighting

AMBA harnesses the power of the sun in the comfort of your home and it controls the ambience around the room. With its amber and mellow tint, it can keep you feeling warm and give you a sense of easiness; two necessary things that are key to relaxation. Light is an important commodity in anyone’s household and the energy it provides visually allows our eyes to see the environment around us. It can affect the atmosphere around us to give us, not just a visual aid, but also give a feeling or vibe to the user depending on these three factors:


More control is given to the user so they have the power to control the ‘sun’ and tweak the mood of the room as well as the light. Using the multi-control knob on the lamp, users can decide how much light is displayed and decide what shade of light they want with just a twist or a swivel. The lamp features:

  • 550 Lumens
  • G9 LED Light Bulb
  • 3000K Colour Temperature
  • 60 Watts
  • Energy Class A+