Developing a brand is never too easy for anyone especially if you’re starting out; coming up with the service, creating an identity for yourself and promoting it to the world. It can be a hard process but as long as you deliver the service you promise to the customers, your service can thrive. 

Creating a platform for MTBarbers was a great opportunity for me to display what they have to offer to the public as well as a platform to allow appointments to be made. By creating a simple website to portray the professional and elegant service MTBarbers provides, they now have a more automated system for their customers. It is accompanied with an alert system so users can be notified directly through either email or text about their upcoming appointment. This makes the whole booking service more seamless and gives MTBarbers more control & connectivity over their service and customers respectively.


  • Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress
  • HTML code editing
  • Photography
  • Graphics