OLLO Setup

Eco-sustainability is the act of creating a balance between two complex eco-systems – humanity’s existence and the natural environment around us – without compromising the future’s health. It is important to consider this attribute when designing to help prolong the well being of humans as well as promote a sustainable design that doesn’t affect the ecosystem.

What is OLLO?

An OLLO – two L-shaped halves together – is the key component as it can be combined together to make different types of OLLO furniture.

It was important to eliminate any fixtures or limit the materials used to help create an eco-friendlier design so OLLO introduces a sliding dove-joint for a seamless and strong connection. This allows us to create other designs to reuse, recycle or even combined with future products. This also helps reduce its packaging size so it can be flat-packed and then easily assembled whilst reducing the carbon footprint used for the production and transportation.

OLLO Furniture

The OLLO furniture range promotes the utilisation of connection to create a clear and concise balance. The concept of ‘Yin & Yang’ portrays how two different energies can coincide together and developing this inspiration into the design has created an importance on connection especially on how each part can combine to create another product.

COLLO and HOLLO are the first products from the OLLO range which  features their first letter as their projected shapes. COLLO, as a table, has a natural look that makes it fit well with most furniture at home. Accompanied with the HOLLO, as a backless chair, giving users more freedom to place it in the room. Both products are made with 100% oak wood making it a strong and durable furniture to have. It also fits synonymously together to present a more tidy and space-saving alternative.